The Festival opened in 1962 with only two trophies, the Mercury Challenge Cup and the Runners-up Cup.

By 1973 the teams were also competing for the splendid Freston Salver - the Audience Appreciation Award.

The Roy Seammen Award - an impressive stag and the symbol of Hertford (affectionately known to the HTW Committee as Harry the Hart), has been awarded since 1979 and is the Stage Presentation Award.

The following year the Tankard was presented in memory of Tony Bentley, a hard working member of HD&OS and for many years the Chairman of Hertford Theatre Week. This trophy is awarded at the adjudicators discretion for any outstanding feature of the Festival.

In 1995 the Runners-up cup was reluctantly retired due to old age, and replaced with the attractive Rose Bowl. This was renamed the Ted Harden Award.

Members of the audience who hold a Weekly Ticket may vote for the play which they have enjoyed the most for the Audience Appreciation Award.

The following marking scheme is used by Hertford Theatre Week:

Dramatic achievement*10
Stage Presentation**15

*Formerly known as Endeavour, Originality and Attainment
**including set, lighting, properties, make-up, wardrobe, sound and visual effects, and stage management.