Programme For 2019

Monday, April 29th

Kindertransport by Diane Samuels
presented by Heath Players

An amateur performance by arrangement with Nick Hern Books.

Brutally separated from her German Jewish parents at the age of nine, Eva is brought to England with the promise of a new life...

Between 1939 until the outbreak of World War II, nearly 10,000 Jewish children were taken from their families in Nazi-occupied Germany and sent to live with foster families in Britain.

Kindertransport imagines the fate of one such child. Now widely considered a modern classic, Kindertransport has been read and studied the world over.

Kindertransport won the 1992 Verity Bargate Award and was subsequently staged by the Soho Theatre Company at the Cockpit Theatre in London in 1993. It also won the Meyer-Whitworth Award in 1993.

Tuesday, April 30th

Dinner by Moira Buffini
presented by Barn Theatre Club

An amateur performance by arrangement with Samuel French Ltd.

An artist, a scientist and a sexpot are coming to dinner. Paige, hostess extraordinaire, is celebrating the publication of her husband’s bestseller.

The arrival of Mike, marooned in the foggy lane after crashing his van, provides an unexpected addition to the evening’s entertainment.

A silent waiter, sourced from an obscure website, completes the picture.

Primordial Soup is first on the menu. Let the dinner from hell begin...

Wednesday, May 1st

Fresh Start by Heaton Wilson
presented by Origins Theatre

Feedback on 'Fresh Start' - 'Powerful, yet understated'; 'stellar work'; 'it asks question upon question'; 'it will make you laugh and cry' ...

Alice has been married to Bob for many years, and now they're having troubled times. Alice is wondering ... am I a victim of emotional abuse, or is it just his way when he's had a few pints?
She's hoping for a fresh start in a new house, and Simon and Beryl seem nice. But are they all they seem? And can Alice ever really escape?

The Isle of Wight's most innovative theatre company, Origins Theatre, makes its debut at Hertford Theatre Week. 'Fresh Start' bravely and sensitively charts relatively unknown territory, exploring the other side of domestic abuse.

It will engage you from the start. And have you wondering to the end...

Thursday, May 2nd

Benefactors by Michael Frayn
presented by Be-Jou Productions

An amateur performance by arrangement with Samuel French Ltd.

'People - that’s what wrecks all our plans', says David, the idealistic architect whose high-mindedness is squashed by the exigencies of local authority housing.

But which people is he referring to? Those on the other side of the argument or those closest to us.

Amid the profusion of good intentions gone sour and bad intentions gone haywire, Mr. Frayn contemplates with humour and sadness the fragility of human friendships.

Friday, May 3rd

The Graduate by Buck Henry, Calder Willingham, Charles Webb and Terry Johnson
presented by White Cobra Productions

An amateur performance by arrangement with Samuel French Ltd.

Benjamin Braddock is a confused young man. Having spent four years achieving a brilliant scholastic record, upon graduation he finds himself adrift, uncertain about his future, disconnected from his purpose, and increasingly alienated from the upper class, suburban, "plastic" world of his parents.

Fighting panic and boredom, he is deeply conflicted but ultimately willing when Mrs. Robinson, the unhappily married, alcoholic, and dangerously charismatic wife of his father's business partner, tempts him into an affair. Benjamin's tenuous existence of lazy days and stolen nights falls apart when he falls in love -- with Elaine, Mrs. Robinson's upbeat, optimistic daughter.

Based on the novel and the iconic 1967 film, the play is a bitterly hilarious dark comedy, full of rapid-fire dialogue between fascinating and horrifying characters.

Saturday, May 4th

Fallen Angels by Noel Coward
presented by Global Theatre Company

An amateur performance by arrangement with Samuel French Ltd.

Two married women, Julia and Jane, enjoy a life of elegance and wealth but, after some years, they have become bored with their marriages.

While their husbands are away on a golfing trip, they admit to each other that they still hold feelings for Maurice Duclos, whose lovers they had both been before their marriages. Maurice has sent them each a letter telling them that he will be in London and will come to visit them. They await their long lost lover’s return in a state of excitement, jealousy and worry, hoping that his arrival won’t coincide with their husbands’ return.
This play is as funny as it was in 1925 when it first outraged audiences and was labelled “shocking” and “obscene”!

Followed by the presentation of the awards

In extreme circumstances this programme may be subject to change without notice. Refunds on tickets will only be given if there is no performance.