You can view details of the fourteen most recent festivals using the links below. Clck on the year to find out more about the festival.

2000Scott MarshallWinners
2001Russel WhiteleyWinners
2002Colin Dolley GODA SASDAWinners
2003Paul FowlerWinners
2004Russell WhiteleyWinners
2005Scott MarshallWinners
2006Paul FowlerWinners
2007Mike KaiserWinners
2008Russell WhiteleyWinners
2009Colin DolleyWinners
2010Paul Fowler GODAWinners
2011Colin Dolley GODA SASDAWinners
2012Mike KaiserWinners
2013Scott Marshall MA LGSM FRSA GODAWinners
2014Mike Tilbury, GODAWinners
2015Chris Jaeger MBE, FRSA, GODAWinners
2016Colin DolleyWinners
2017Paul Fowler GODA SASDAWinners
2018Mike Kaiser GODAWinners
2019Walker EwartWinners
2022Chris Jaeger, MBE, FRSA, GoDAWinners
2023Tristan Marshall MA PhD FRHistS GoDA (Associate member)Winners
2024Walker EwartWinners